Does Self Control Exists by Greenwich Escorts


Over the years I’ve been telling myself that self control is something that we can have. But yet I constantly find myself making excuses, bending my own rules and just ignoring what I originally set out to do. How can we possibly have self control then? Asked Greenwich Escorts of

The best way to control yourself is to not have that thing there at all. That’s it. That is it. I always tell myself that if I want to eat healthier I shouldn’t be scarfing down pizza and hamburgers all the time so what is the solution? Don’t be around it. What we often tell ourselves is that even though the things we crave are right in front of us we’re not going to indulge in them.

And yet we waste hours on Facebook, consume entire bags of potato chips and cookies and continue paying for gym memberships even though we just don’t go anymore. Whenever I go grocery shopping I have a set list of things to buy. And that forces me to not stray away into the frozen pizzas or Pop Tarts section.

God I love Pop Tarts. Once I get out of the vicinity of junk food and back into my own home, that craving is gone. But when I get hungry and that craving comes back, those things aren’t within reach so I can’t indulge. The same goes for smoking, candy and anything else you think you need to fill your cravings. Does that mean you should never give into your cravings? Absolutely not.

The opposite end of the coin is preventing yourself from enjoying anything which really isn’t that much fun at all. The key to life and everything in it is balance. For example, if you want to work out more, before you go to sleep unplug your internet cable and wrap it up. That way you’ll be more prone to go directly to the gym then sit down and watch hours of YouTube videos. And there’s nothing wrong with that, you just got to do it in like small bits.

Self control is a concept we want to believe but by controlling yourself and limiting the amount of options you have to only the ones you need to get shit done, it’s so much more powerful. Cravings can be subdued, laziness can be cured, and willpower can be enforced as long as you allow it. Do your best to set up a schedule and don’t reward yourself until you’ve accomplished your goal. For me, every time I go to the gym I reward myself with one spoonful of rainbow sherbet.

And after a long hard work out that one spoonful is literally the greatest reward in the entire world.

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