the benefits of dating london escorts

Whenever I have some spare time in my busy life, I like to take some time out to date London escorts. Not only are the girls stunning but they make great companions as well. There are some things which are of less importance to me in my life, but I have to say that I really appreciate a bit of companionship. And the best companionship in London can always be had with London escorts. Some of my friends think that I am nuts, but I do have a deep desire for these lovely ladies. I know that they can really make my life special.

As a business person, I often organize business functions. Yes, you can have hostesses present but it is not the same thing as getting London escorts involved. For the last couple of years I have started to invite London escorts to my business functions, and let’s put it this way, things are certainly looking up for my business. The girls are perfect companions for my business colleagues, and I know that it will be a successful evening thanks to the girls from London escorts.

I am not a man who likes to commit and this is another reason why I enjoy dating London escorts.

Ladies can easily become disappointed when they realize that you may not have anytime for them. You don’t have to worry about that with London escorts at all. When I don’t have time for the lovely ladies at London escorts, I simply do not arrange any dates. I think that if I had a regular girlfriend, I would feel obliged to go out whether I had the time or not.

It is more convenient to date Charlotte London escorts all around. Whenever I have a friend coming into London, I know that I can just give London escorts a call and arrange a date for the both of us. Within a couple of hours, we can be out on town with a couple of lovely ladies and nothing can be easier or better than that. Needless to say the girls are always stunning and perfectly turned out. They never expect too much and they never expect too little neither. I am sure that all gents would appreciate the experience.

Of course, there are many other benefits to dating London escorts as well such as personal time. The truth is that good companions who like to have a good time are hard to come by these days, and I don’t think that I would ever like to miss out on the pleasure of dating London escorts. If you would like that special date, and a perfect evening out, I suggest that you give your nearest London escorts a call. You will be in for the time of your life, and I am sure that you will want to see more of Charlotte London escorts. My first date is still a memory that I treasure but the advantage is that I can always enjoy more dates whenever I need or want.

My date with a high class London escort

I had just booked a room in one of the hotels in Chelsea, London. Previously, I had heard of London escorts and their exclusive VIP services so I decided to give it a try. I opted for searching the internet for quick results but thought otherwise and called the room attendant who was very friendly. I offered him a tip and asked him where and how I could access a reliable london escorts agency like the ones at who would accompany me to a party and later on offer exclusive services at a recommendable fee. He smiled cheekily and left; signalling me to wait for a while. Minutes later, he resurfaced with a telephone number which he shoved into my hands and walked out. I didn’t hesitate calling the number. On the other side was an elegant voice that we conversed and later stroke a deal with. She was Jolie, one of the independent London escorts available for outcall services and other extras.

It was still early in the morning the following day when I heard a knock at the door. I hastily walked to the door side and opened it only to meet the face of this beautiful sexy blonde. I had given her my accommodation details so it wasn’t that much of a hassle finding her way through. At her sight, the urge to have a quickie overwhelmed me and we quickly settled for that before agreeing on the accompanying details of the party I was to attend hours later. If there’s one thing I wouldn’t forget; it would be the girl’s prowess in bed that morning. She had carried along with her other apparels so we had a quick shower together and got ready for the party; yet another memorable washroom experience!

My arrival at the party was welcomed by wild reactions, with everyone demanding to know where I had gotten that sexy curvy girl. No one had the slightest idea that she was one of the London escorts and I wasn’t going to give them the pleasure of knowing that. At the party, she carried herself with an aura of elegance, decency and class that I didn’t expect. The dancing session gave me more reasons to appreciate meeting this beauty. Her moves were perfect and she knew exactly how to keep me aroused all through the party. At one time, it became unbearable and I signalled her to meet me downstairs. I quickly grabbed her and led her to one of the nearby rooms that were open. I only came to realise that we didn’t close the door when a servant tripped over and some of the cutleries he was carrying rolled to the door.

After the party, we went back to the hotel room where more thrilling action awaited me. The foreplay was one you wouldn’t forget that easily with a couple of erotic massages and mind blowing hand jobs. Then came the once in a lifetime blow job and subsequent riding actions. For the first time, I had a record of three orgasms in a span of forty minutes! I would definitely go for her next time I get to London, not just once or twice but as often as I can.

Booking High Class Escorts

The London escort industry is being patronised by different types of clients – different races, ages, skin colour, weight, height, occupation, status, etc. Most men who are frequenting the services of adult professionals such as London escorts, London prostitutes and London call girls are businessmen. At most times, these men have the same type of problems and this is about their poor sexual and love life.

Love problems of a businessman

Usually, these men do not have a significant other or someone to be with, to talk to or to cuddle with every cold night. The reason behind this is that primarily they are more focused on doing their works and businesses. Their schedules are so tight and busy that their spare time is to take a rest and sleep off a tiring week.

These men do not have sufficient time when it comes to establishing a good love life. Usually, they go through criticisms, suspicions and other negative impressions once other people find out that they do not have a love life. At other times, they do not easily give trust to someone, especially with the kind of status they have in life.

Booking an escort: A way to find companionship

For most men who are in business or the same type of industry, an easier way to find companionship is through booking an encounter with London escorts, London prostitute or London call girl. In general, they hire adult professionals just to have someone to provide them accompaniment. The purpose of hiring London adult professional is to go with them in formal occasions such as business meeting, ball, cotillion or any other special occasions that are business-related.

Most of the time, high class escorts in London are hired by these men. The looks and appearance of these girls are sophisticated and elegant in a way that they can blend or match with the people in the event. These girls are paid in exchange of the time they spend.

On the other hand, choosing the best high class London escort can be a difficult task. These men will have to choose from a hundred of girls in one directory. This can be even more challenging and tricky when the man does not have any expectations or qualities they are looking for an escort. Most men take advise from frequent escort users or just go for the top agency in Google like

First impression: Meeting up with an escort

At most times, businessmen are not very exciting clients to London escorts. Because of the kind of work they have, they become very stern towards other people. As a result, they also treat their escorts with sternness. But these girls know how to deal with such types of clients. This is also why businessmen want to book them, because of their capabilities of dealing with them.

Tips For Using Online Dating Sites

free-sexy-girl-wallpaper-33According to a national survey, 1 in 3 American couples married in the last decade met on the internet. Here are The Onion’s tips for finding love online:

  • It’s important to choose an interesting profile picture that reflects the “real you” persona that you’ve cooked up, like a photo of you hiking or at a volunteer event.
  • To stand out in a sea of suitors, include something in your profile completely unique to you, like your social security number and checking account information.
  • Put a Bible verse in your profile to show other men that you have a stifled, Puritanical sense of raw sexuality just waiting to be let out.
  • First impressions count. Before posting the photo of yourself pepper-spraying Occupy movement protesters, seriously consider if that is the image you want to project to the world.
  • Be willing to open yourself up to new experiences, like going on a series of terrible dates with men you despise.
  • Crafting the perfect online dating profile often requires a fresh pair of eyes. After you’re done making your profile, enlist some friends to look it over and lie about what they think.
  • Personal details give potential dates a more accurate picture of who you are. Be specific in your profile by mentioning the exact episode and scene that made you give up on Lost.
  • Listing a minimum height requirement is a great way to weed out tiny men who would have treated you like a queen.
  • Humor is a huge asset in any dating profile. Be charmingly self-deprecating with lines like “I have a soft spot for reality television” and “I’m a bad listener because I’m wrapped up in my own childish self-obsession and do nothing to improve myself.”
  • If your name is Thomas Riley, you can date other hot singles named Thomas Riley at
  • Remember to relax and have fun! Sometimes, the moment you stop worrying about finding that perfect match is the moment you’ll open your email and find an absolutely vulgar and disgusting email from a complete stranger.