What makes him like golden showers

Hey guys so today’s letter is fromchastity, she wrote a friend of mine is dating a guy she’s crazy about.But she told me something recently that turned my stomach, he likes to have her pee on him during sex, she said it really turns him on.So she does it even though shedoesn’t care much for it herself.What I want to know is what on earth pee does for him sexually.Why is he turned on by something so gross and is this healthy, and should I be worried about her?Actually chastity Ihad a friend once who dated a guy the same thing, and she was able to give me some insight that I found might be helpful to you.Uh she told me that her boyfriend liked having her pee on him because he fantasized that the stream ofpee was like ejaculation, like she was coming on him and I thought that was interesting, and it helped me understand says https://charlotteaction.org/ealing-escorts of Ealing escorts.

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What it is about things that we would typically call weird might be understandable but don’t assume that, that’s what your friend’s boyfriend likes, because everyone’s different and everyone’s going to have different reasons for why they like, what they like in this particular case.The boyfriend might be a masochist, he might enjoy having the girlfriend pee on him, because he likes feeling um degraded or he it turns him on. To feel like a woman as standing over him and is powerful and you know doing something degrading to him also maybe it’s because, it’s taboo, it’s still something that you know like your letter demonstrates weirds people out and some people just don’t understand it. it’s possible that he’s just turned on by many things that a lot of people don’t understand maybe he thinks uh typical sex is too vanilla, too boring golden showers in and of themselves aren’t unhealthy according to Ealing escorts.

Necessarily as long as it’s consensual it doesn’t sound to me like anything worrisome is happening um it sounds like she has a healthy sexual attitude.She’s open to trying new things and open to discovering something that might turn her on to and pleasing her man.The only thing that raises a bit of concern is that you mention and that she continues to do it for her man even though she doesn’t care much for it herself.It’s a bit vague that could mean she hates it or it could mean if she’s indifferent to it she just does it for him.Even though it doesn’t turn her on but she doesn’t hate it either.Um if it means that she hates it and she’s continuing to do it that might be a little worse, because it’s one thing to be open-minded and try new things.

It’s another when you continue to do it if you hate it too after being open to trying it on, but it might not be a place to say anything unless you see serious signs of . Um unless you see signs that she’s being manipulated and abused and that’s why she’s continuing to do it, because she feels pressured to or something like that it.Really is none of your business it’s her sex life and you know it’ll be something she’ll have to learn on her own.